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Not good

This app does not accurately track the ball. I have tried over and over and nothing will work. Please help.

Hard to work

Not easy to work. Trying to get distance and it’s confusing and not working. Trace line is totally off. Worst app I ever paid for

This app was a bummer

Been using for about 4 hours. Crashes constantly and when I do get videos to save the shot timer doesn’t work. So ball stays in the air forever.

Doesn't work. Very disappointing

App doesn't work. Has trouble picking up the ball and doesn't measure distance as the promo videos suggests. It's also not easy to use. Not worth it IMO.

Had for 3 months, not a single accurate trace

I’m a 9 handicap and tried getting one shot tracer recorded over the past 3 months. Not a single time as this worked. Not only that, it’s impossible to realistically use this app mid round when playing with friends. It takes so long to analyze that you need to hit your next shot before it’s done or you’ve finished the hole. I’ve read and re-read the instructions. I’ve viewed the tutorials multiple times. The bottom line is this app is so spotty that use while playing is impossible. More to use if you’re on the range with plenty of time to wait and wait for the video to be analyzed only to see it wrong yet again. I’d ask for my money back but this company is so section 8 they don’t even have a website.

Much better than expected 👍

It’s actually a really good app, tracks the ball each time. So the tracking works very well to my surprise and it has a lot of other cool features. For that price and what it offers it’s a steal in my opinion.

Didn’t work

Keeps crashing. You run the tracking and it competes but then sticks after it says 100% done. Very annoying. Still doesn’t work after un-installing and re-installing.

By far the best tracer app!

This App is loaded with awesome features. Putt tracking swing tracking all come in handy when you want to improve your game. The app is simple to use and the ball tracking function works each time. Also very quick support replies. 👍 5 Star app!!

Love this app 😍

This is exactly what i was looking for and more. Works on every shot I film. Did not expect this app to perform so well!


App constantly crashes during editing and saving on an iPhone X. Very disappointing. I’m looking into other shot tracing apps

Tried 4 videos and did not work for any

Not worth it

Would buy it again

The only app on the AppStore that really traces your ball


Would buy it again!


Best app in the App store right now!

Very accurate golf ball tracking.

I am very surprised how well Shot Tracer is able to track the ball flight by itself. The app has worked flawless and I am very happy with my investment.

Just awesome!

Works fantastic


This app has never worked for me. I load my videos and it always just says its analyzing and then never works... never. Wish I didn’t waste$$

Very impressed as a PGA Professional 👍

Great piece of technology. Can’t believe how well this app works on my iPhone now. It has come a very long way. I first bought it during the summer 2017 and it was alright but now one year later it is beyond impressive. The automatic ball tracking and all the other incredible new features have made this my favorite golf app!


Finally an app that traces your shots!!

Terrible app

Not user friendly at all. Does not accurately track ball flight. I repeatedly tried tracing my shots with this app both automatically and manually but was unable to track the ball flight anywhere close to accurate. I’m calling bs on every video that uses this app. I’ve noticed, when zooming in, that most videos using this app are falsely representing the actual flight path of the ball, as well as, where it lands. For example, I hit a fade with my 3 wood and the automatic mode showed my shot as a draw and landed 50 yards from where it really landed. Not worth buying for the shot tracing feature. Maybe for putting, chipping, and swing tracing but not shot tracing.

Great app!

Works just fine!

What a great app!

Would buy it again

A ton of awesome features👍🏌️‍♂️

Best golf app I have ever used! It has a ton of awesome features! The tracking is super fast now, takes less than 4 seconds to track the ball flight fully automatic. Love the new update the app is simply perfect now👍👍👍

Don’t be stupid like me

Not user friendly, it freezes, it take forever to get upload a 10 sec video, I spent $ 7 on nothing, this app need to start from beginning, there needs to be updates and this isn’t, I have a iPhone 8 and I can’t get one video uploaded. don’t buy it. So disappointed.....

Doesn’t work

Purchased the app and attempted many times to import existing swing video into the app. Without exception, the app crashes every time. Saw the same reviews by others but decided to give it a try regardless. Also saw that there were many positive reviews as well. However, for me, it didn’t work at all. In summary, I’d say do not waste your money on this one. Disappointing too because it looks like it has a lot of cool features.

Complete crap.

Worst $7 I’ve ever spent. Every time I save a video after what feels like hours of trying to trick the app into doing what I want it to do... the videos save all kinds of messed up. A real son of a glitch, if you take my meaning. And within the app there is no way to contact any sort of customer service as I’m sure most people who download this would like to ask for a refund. -5 stars. Sorry guys.

Awesome App...When it Works

I love everything about how this app works, unfortunately it only works about 2% of the time. It’s incredibly accurate at tracking and tracing the ball in all but the most overcast of days, it just crashes so often that I don’t even waste time to try it anymore.

Shot tracer

This doesn’t work like it claims to. Very poor quality. Not satisfied and would like money reimbursed or credited.

Good but not perfect

Its a fun app when it actually works. In my experience so far, it works only 2 out of 5 shots.

It’s not good but it’s not there fault

I mean this app is trash but with running on a phone it is understandable because it’s not as good as the track man and the only way to get that level is to pay over 30$ which no one will do.but just admit it and not make the user pay 7$ for it. It is more like a 1-2$ app. So if anyone is reading this before buying it... don’t waste your money and buy it. Thank you

Want my money back

Has not worked for me sorry


Quite frankly, I just want the developers to see this because I want my money back. The app on all aspects just haven’t worked for me. I’ve tried the swing tracer, shot tracer, and putt tracer. All three took 30+ minutes to load and when I went saw the video it was terrible. It didn’t track my putt at all and the shot tracer said “retracing shot” about 6 times. I want my money back!!!

Shot no tracer/crasher

Horrible app, I have tried deleting it and reloading it, resetting my phone and everything that I have been told to do (through Instagram), and it still crashes. When it does not crash it traces the ball wrong! I did the manual way of tracing the ball and it’s slow AF. Don’t waste your money on this app.

Does not automatically track shots

I have been using this app since the day Greg Norman invested in the company. Not once, even with each update, has it ever automatically tracked my ball flight. Your video must be perfectly backlit or something for this feature to work? The past two attempts at using this app, it picks up the start line behind my body (not even close the ball) and there is no way to reposition where the start point is. Each time I have a video I am excited to edit and share, I come away disappointed. Have not tried the GPS/Map Overlay free trial. Can only imagine I would hold up the groups behind me trying to record and post a shot?! UPDATED APP 12/11/17 Another App update, another app FAIL. The auto trace feature is a joke... sends ball behind me. I use a tripod. I set up phone EXACTLY where I was taught. This never works for me. I have made ONE successful Shot Tracer App and it took me 20 min to manual trace. NOT WORTH THE MONEY. I am so disappointed.

Greatest app ever

I use this app atleast 40 times per round. It is the absolute best. Works 99% of the time

Highly suggested

It’s a little confusing at first but once you figure it out, it is a amazing app.


Hi I'm writting a review because I'm not conform with these app and i want my money back. It does not seem like how really is please tell me what can we do to fix this problem. I want my refund

Not great

It works for everything except the shot tracing part it analyzes it then crashes every time

Great for TrackMan owners

I own a TrackMan but it lacks portability because it’s the version that does not support Bluetooth. So using it mainly indoors. It was great to find this app since I was looking for something that would help visualize ball flight outdoors. This app does just that. Obviously it does not replace a TrackMan but for a start it actually tracks the ball flight pretty well by itself. Overall it’s easy to use. That’s why I recommend it even if you don’t have a TrackMan.

Gimmicky, worthless App

Slow, cumbersome, gimmicky, useless app DON’T WASTE YOUR $$$$. Now developer says use more than iPhone 4. LOL I’m using an iPhone 7. Pathetic response!

DO NOT BUY Get “GottaGolf”

Very buggy constantly crashes and freezes does not work for me on my iPhone 8, waste of money the gottaGolf app is much more refined and a easier user interface I defiantly recommend that app. I’ve been using this app since it’s launch I’ve never uploaded a successful video Once video is edited it will save totally pixelated or crash after I’ve spend 10min editing the clip what a scam this shouldn’t be on the App Store I do not want to be contacted by developers app deleted!

The worst!

Worst app I have ever purchase! Complete waste of money. Horrible horrible horrible!!!

Fake review???

Please contact Apple! My review about your app is 100% real! And again I hope Greg Norman didn’t invest a lot into your company/this app!!! I’d seriously like to have my refund. This is by far the worst shot tracer all I’ve ever seen. So, again, please contact Apple. There is no real shot tracer on your app. I’ve lined everything up from every angle you could possibly film from and every tracer is totally far off track that it’s pathetic. How’s that for your “fake review”? Not to mention that I shouldn’t have to manually maneuver the tracer itself. This is so far ridiculous and I’d like my $7 refund please. Jason Ford, Southern Landcare

Doesn't work

Crashes. Running iOS 10.3.3. Doesn't work

Terrible app! Want my money back!!

The app keeps on crashing... Just wasted 7 dollars!

Live happy

Love it


This takes forever to "analyze" and then forever to "save". It doesn't really track the ball and sometimes picked up other objects. You pretty much need some sort of tri pod for it to work, and you can't really carry that around with you on a course, unless you play on an empty course. Cool idea but not at worth money.

Needs updates

Very difficult to use, not a smooth running app. Updates need to be made to simplify and overall improve the app. Can't figure out how to track distance or even play each video... waste of money till updates are made

Not in real time. Must pre-record shot

No where in the description does it say that you have to pre- record your shot. Not in real time. Don't think it's worth the money

Useless fake app

Not automatic tracer. Mannually edit tracing

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